Monday, October 22, 2007


OK. Now that we have this instantaneous visceral to digital posting journal blog thing set up, we feel like we should catchup. An evening stop in Chestertown, MD across the Chesapeake Bay from our Washington D.C. destination proved to be a quaint little town. Andy's was the place that the aforementioned Pumpkin Pie originated, following a very nice crab dip. The sunset was unbelievable.
The Murano has proven to be an incredible road trip vehicle, and we are looking forward to that fateful first night we spend sleeping in the car itself. haha.

Washington D.C. was incredible. Eaghmon's apartment, our base of operations, was perfect and the city was rife with cheap and fun stuff to fill our days. The Zoo and American Indian musem were highlights, feeding time for the Octopus especially!
also, GIGANTIC TORTOISES! From D.C., we drove through the fire-like foliage of the Maryland Panhandle to visit my cousin Tommy in UWV. That's our current location, sitting next to a cute kitten, enjoying each others company and watching Gangs of New York. More to come!....Now can we go for a hike, please Nick??

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