Monday, October 22, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

PICTURES! (thanks to Angelo)
Washington D.C.
(click for the big version)

Washington Monument will be there forever. those clouds were once in a lifetime.

The Mayan Calendar at the National Museum of the American Indian

A Smiley Yup'ik (Eskimo) mask.

We liked this White House better.

Don't ask what's in the Slurpee.

Yeah. I miss him.

More Eventually...


Lucas Froehlich said...

hey guys it's luke mom told me about this and i think it's an awesome idea. a lot easier and more fun than email. yay. ill b reading.... good luck and send me an email if u like!!

Big Sis said...

I can't believe you're blogging! I'm so impressed! I love it - now I can follow you around the country and be jealous :) Miss you both so much - Christmas seems to far, Eliz