Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We Heart Kentucky

Nick brought us to Ohio and now I have the fun job of telling you all about our adventures in Lexington, Kentucky. The one, the only, Starr Boggs, advised us to visit the ponies at Keeneland in Lexington. Hence, we had a destination, but no plan.

We arrived at about 2am on a Tuesday and before we had finished our first beer, we made a friend for life, Jason. This guy believe it or not is from Woodhaven! He is a traveler, a minister, a missionary of the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and an all around good person. Jessica, Jason's house mate was so nice as well. She even got the two of us to be models for her photography class. We posed to appear cold and hungry in front of an awesome mansion. Hmmm. I promise this idea will never come to fruition.

This was the first time at a horse track for both Nick and me, and what a treat it was! We almost hit it big too. Instead we hit it less than a little. Nick had a feeling about the Irish horse in the last race, (check out the clouds) but we didn't put our heads together enough to let it ($15) ride. We had a blast anyway.

While in Lovely Lexington we also visited the Woodford Reserve Distillery, ate delicious food at Furlongs, got a ride on a pontoon down the Kentucky river and saw the movie Into the Wild. Our personal guide, Jason, strongly suggested that we do the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park. We agreed that we were both up to crawling through some tight squeezes hundreds of feet below ground, so this became our final stop in Kentucky. The pictures from that 6 mile tour we keep in our memories. Jason and Jessica, we hope to see you both again soon and we thank you. This, my family and friends, is why we travel.

From Bourbon Country to Bourbon Street coming soon!

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