Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Beyond the East Coast

OK... So much has happened since we left Washington D.C. that it truly seems otherworldly. Let's begin at leaving the Capitol.

We used the new purchase of 'The Most Scenic Drives in America,' to guide us through the Maryland Panhandle en route to Morgantown, West Virginia. The timing could not have been better, as we were treated to some of the most fantastically brilliant foliage either of us had ever seen. Every hill seemed to open up a new vista of color, previously unprecedented. A wrong turn turned out to be so right, only in the Allegheny's will you see a goat on a stoop.

We then took a leg stretch of a hike at Split Rock State Park to see the Canyon Overlook Trail if you could even call it a trail. The view was spectacular though.

Onto Cumberland, Maryland which was a cute little town with a Steam Engine Locomotive billowing soot as we arrived off the highway ramp. It was a beautiful little spot for a picnic on a table on the main drag. Apparently, travel magazine named it one of the 'Eight Small Towns to Visit' in the whole world. Also on that list: Montauk, NY and Breckenridge, CO!

Nick's cousin Tommy warmly greeted us in Morgantown, and even though we missed all of the college craziness of the weekend, we were treated to their turn hosting a weekly Sunday family meal (Virginia Ham and Shrimp Scampi - not bad for college eats!) Chris, Ben, Tommy, Brenden, and Raja (the kitty) were so hospitable we had a blast just recooping from the first leg of the journey and touring the campus. (also - Monorail!)
More Sweetness to Come!


Rambler said...
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Elizabeth said...

Hi Reg - got your message last night - we miss you guys so much! Juliana is about to start crawling - she's up on all fours and rocking away :) Too cute! I'll send you some pics after Halloween. Have fun in the Big Easy!! Much love, Eliz

Eliz said...

Hey! When are we getting a new post?? I'm dying to see pictures of the Pumpkin King and Sally :) Love, Eliz

lucas Froehlich said...

haha great photos. i like the no child left behind pic. post more often... i get bored!
nice perez-hiltonesque overtext.
ill give u a call in the next couple days
btw across the universe was incredible and ur an effing impatient judgemental retard for leaving it early